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~ Dani'z Sugar Cookies and Goodies Bakery Prices. Prices Subject to Change. ~
***** I have reduced my sugar cookie prices. *****  PLEASE BARE WITH ME.  I AM WORKING ON  ADJUSTING PRICES WITH  PHOTOS BELOW.  Thank you for your patience. 

****Sugar Cookies/Frosting included:**** S/ .85 each. M/ $1.25 each. L/ $2.00 each. S/ 1 Dozen: $10.20. M/ 1 Dozen: $15.00. L/ 1 Dozen: $24.00. ****Specialty Sugar Cookies (With Royal Icing, and decorations, add .50 extra per each cookie). **** S/ $1.35 each. 1 Dozen: $16.20. M/ $1.75 each. 1 Dozen: $21.00. L/ $2.50 each. 1 Dozen: $30.00.

 ****Chocolate Chip Cookies: **** One Size: $1.25 each. 1 Dozen: $15.00.

 ****Chocolate Sugar Cookies/No Icing: ****One Size: $1.25 each. 

****Cupcakes/Frosting Included: **** $2.50 each. 1 Dozen: $30.00. Half Dozen: $15.00. 

****Dani'z Cake Prices: **** S/$55.00. M/$65.00. L/ $75.00. (These can also be two tier). 

****Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Balls:**** $1.25 each. 1 Dozen: $15.00. 

****Cake Pops: **** $1.25 each. 1 Dozen: $15.00. Specialty Cake Pops: Add .75 extra per cake pop. $2.00 each. (Decorations included, Royal Icing, etc.) 1 Dozen: $24.00. 

**** Taffy*** $8.40 Lb. .15 cents each. $4.20 Half Lb. 

**** Cinnamon Rolls: **** $2.25 each. Buy 3 or more at: $2.00 each. Buy one dozen at: $24.00. 

****Peanut Brittle: ****$9.00 Lb. 

****Cupcake Cakes: **** $80.00 without accessories. $100.00 with Accessories. On average I use about 32 Cupcakes for a cupcake cake. $2.50 per each cupcake.

*** You guys... when you place an order here these are mostly for shipping orders! *** If you would like to do a pick up order I will accept cash in person.  Just email me your order at and we will discuss pricing. :) Thank you!

                                                     Dani'z Cakes
 Small Cake: $55.00.  Medium Cake: $65.00. Large Cake: $75.00.

                                            Dani'z Cupcake Cake 
$100.00 all accessories included. $80.00 without accessories. 

Salt Water Taffy

Salt Water Taffy 26 Flavors: Blueberry Muffin, Cherry Cola, Caramel Corn, Bubble Gum, Watermelon, Coconut, Raspberry Lemonade, Lammes Kisses, Assorted Flavors in jar, Black Licorice, Cinnamon Roll, Maple Bacon, Lemon Lime, Frosted Cupcakes, Chocolate, Neapolitan, Tropical Punch, Strawberry, Peppermint, Orange Cream, Red Licorice Swirls, Cotton Candy, Candy Apple, Cherry, Caramel Swirl, and key Lime. Our Salt Water Taffy prices: $8.40 lb. .15 cents each. $4.20 half a lb. Photo shown is one pound of taffy.

Dani'z Cinnamon Rolls with Cream cheese icing

I am now selling Cinnamon rolls. Dani'z Homemade Cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing. $2.25 each. Buy three or more at $2.00 each. Buy one dozen at $24.00. 

Dani'z Peanut Brittle

Peanut Brittle Pricing as follows: $9.00 for 1 Lb. I make the brittle all from scratch.

Dani'z Ladybug Medium Size Sugar Cookies

Dani'z Ladybug Medium Size Sugar Cookies

Dani'z Cake Pops

Dani'z Cupcakes/1 Dozen

Dani'z Sundae Cupcakes

Dani'z Cupcakes: 1/Dozen: $30.00. Half/Dozen: $15.00.  Single Cupcake: $2.50 
Dani'z Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Balls. $15.00 per dozen.  

One dozen

                                                  Dani'z Cupcake Cake
UNSHIPPABLE: $100.00 all accessories included. $80.00 without accessories. 

Dani'z Sugar Cookies

                                             Sugar Cookies (Frosting Included).
                                      Small: $1.50.  One dozen: $18.00.  Medium: $2.50.  One                                                                                    dozen: $30.00.  Large: $3.25.  One dozen: $39.00

Dani'z Donuts

  One Dozen Glazed Donuts: $10.00
  One Dozen Fancy Donuts: $11.50
  One Dozen Long Johns: $12.50
We have Honey, Maple, Vanilla, and Chocolate glaze-icing.  Just email me your desired flavors @  
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