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~ Dani'z Sugar Cookies and Goodies Bakery Prices. Prices Subject to Change. ~

******Notice on Custom made orders! I ask for 4 to 5 days notice on custom cookie orders******

***** I have reduced my sugar cookie prices. *****  PLEASE BARE WITH ME.  I AM WORKING ON  ADJUSTING PRICES WITH  PHOTOS BELOW.  Thank you for your patience. 

****Sugar Cookies/Frosting included:**** / $2.00 each.  1 Dozen: $24.00. ****Specialty Sugar Cookies (With Royal Icing, and decorations, add .50 extra per each cookie). ****  $2.50 each. 1 Dozen: $30.00.

 ****Chocolate Chip Cookies: **** One Size: $1.25 each. 1 Dozen: $15.00.

 ****Chocolate Sugar Cookies/No Icing: ****One Size: $1.25 each. 

****Cupcakes/Frosting Included: **** $2.50 each. 1 Dozen: $30.00. Half Dozen: $15.00. 

****Dani'z Cake Prices: **** S/$55.00. M/$65.00. L/ $75.00. (These can also be two tier). 

****Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Balls:**** $1.25 each. 1 Dozen: $15.00. 

****Cake Pops: **** $1.25 each. 1 Dozen: $15.00. Specialty Cake Pops: Add .75 extra per cake pop. $2.00 each. (Decorations included, Royal Icing, etc.) 1 Dozen: $24.00. 

**** Cinnamon Rolls: **** $2.25 each. Buy 3 or more at: $2.00 each. Buy one dozen at: $24.00. 

****Peanut Brittle: ****$9.00 Lb. 

****Cupcake Cakes: **** $80.00 without accessories. $100.00 with Accessories. On average I use about 32 Cupcakes for a cupcake cake. $2.50 per each cupcake.

*** You guys... when you place an order here these are mostly for shipping orders! *** If you would like to do a pick up order I will accept cash in person.  Just email me your order at and we will discuss pricing. :) Thank you!

Paula Gibbs Order


                                            Dani'z Cupcake Cake 
$100.00 all accessories included. $80.00 without accessories. 

Dani'z Cinnamon Rolls with Cream cheese icing

I am now selling Cinnamon rolls. Dani'z Homemade Cinnamon rolls with cream cheese icing. $2.25 each. Buy three or more at $2.00 each. Buy one dozen at $24.00. 

Dani'z Peanut Brittle

Peanut Brittle Pricing as follows: $9.00 for 1 Lb. I make the brittle all from scratch.

Dani'z Ladybug Medium Size Sugar Cookies

Dani'z Ladybug Medium Size Sugar Cookies

Dani'z Cake Pops

Dani'z Cupcakes/1 Dozen

Dani'z Sundae Cupcakes

Dani'z Cupcakes: 1/Dozen: $30.00. Half/Dozen: $15.00.  Single Cupcake: $2.50 
Dani'z Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Balls. $15.00 per dozen.  

One dozen

                                                  Dani'z Cupcake Cake
UNSHIPPABLE: $100.00 all accessories included. $80.00 without accessories. 

Dani'z Sugar Cookies

                                             Sugar Cookies (Frosting Included).
                                      Small: $1.50.  One dozen: $18.00.  Medium: $2.50.  One                                                                                    dozen: $30.00.  Large: $3.25.  One dozen: $39.00

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